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Purchase a Softener System

Softener Sales

We offer the GE Autotrol Series Softeners, which combine design simplicity with fiberglass construction to provide the user with an uncommonly reliable appliance. The inherent reliability of the system means a long life of efficient, trouble-free, uninterrupted soft water luxury.

Autotrol 760/255 (meter on demand model)

The two key components of the 760 electronic on demand system are the microprocessor, a miniature computer located on the circuit board, and a water meter located at the valve outlet. The flow of conditioned water through the meter signals when the softener regenerates, potentially reducing water and salt consumption

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Installation is $99.00 + gst if the house/business is plumbed for soft water, or if the softener is installed on the hot water only. Out of town surcharge may apply. Disposal fees for the old softener may apply.

Used Softeners

If you wish to buy the rental softener in your home, or a Refurbished used model from our inventory (as low as $450.00), please contact us for more details.

Other Models

We offer other softener models, larger residential units for large households, as well as larger commercial systems. Please contact us for more details, and we can discuss your particular needs.

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Why is the GE Autotrol a superior system?

  • Fewer parts than any control system of comparable function
  • Single synchronous electric motor provides all the power for program clock (timer)
  • Functions are independent of water pressure
  • Reduced leakage through wear or fatigue, plugging reduced
  • Automatic backwash controller is incorporated in the system
  • System operation cannot get out of phase or sequence – control always returns to a fixed service position after regeneration regardless of position in cycle
  • By-pass water is automatically available during regeneration
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